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26th August 16
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About Us

Website safety


Simonstone St. Peter's Primary School operates the following safety policy on our school website regarding the use of photographs, to ensure the privacy and safety of our pupils at school.

  • Where pupils are named, only their first name is given.
  • Where a pupil is named, no photograph of that pupil is displayed.
  • Where a photograph is used which shows a pupil/pupils, no name/s are displayed.

By observing these points, the school ensures that visitors to the web-site cannot link images of pupils to names of pupils. No other private information about pupils is ever published on the website such as surnames or contact details.

List of Staff


Mrs. C Smith - Head Teacher

Mr Ian Carrington -  Year 5/6 Class Teacher

Mrs C Rossi - Year 3/4 Class Teacher

Miss D Hartley - Year 1/2 Class Teacher

Mrs. J Booth - Rec / Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs. R Overton - Part-time teacher


Mrs. C Dyer - Teaching Assistant - Class 3

Mrs. D Shaw - Teaching Assistant - Class 2

Mrs. J Wood - Teaching Assistant - Class 3 (HLTA qualified)

Mrs. H Webster -  Teaching Assistant - Class 4

Mrs. C Whitham - SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs. L Smith - Class 1 Teaching Assistant (HLTA qualified)

Mrs. G Sutcliffe - Class 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. L Clarke- School Office Manager

Mrs Laura Etherington - School Office Administrator



Mr. S Marshall - Site Supervisor


Mrs. J Dobson - Midday Welfare Assistant

Mrs. L Smith - Midday Welfare Assistant

Mrs. G Sutcliffe - Midday Welfare Assistant



Mr P Freyne - Music Teacher (Employed through Lancashire Music Service - guitar)


Mrs. M - Galea Music Teacher (Employed through Lancashire Music Service - Music throughout School and Class 3 ukulele )



Each teacher negoiates class rules with their class which are appropriate to the age and maturity of the children. These are the more general school rules for your information.