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29th August 14
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About Us

Financial Information - Pupil Premium


The School achieved FMSIS in November 2019, each year the governing body completed the SFVS - Schools Financial Value Statement and ensure that the School is providing the best value for money possible. In 2012/13 our Pupil premium allocation was £2,119, 2013/14 - £6,018 and in 2014/15, our provisional allocation is £10,000. This money is used to ensure that children who are looked after or have free school meals make the best possible progress. The money funds a teaching assistant 3 afternoons each week to run intervention groups according to provision mapping, educational visits, assessment and tracking resources,booster and intervention groups and holiday care (sports clubs and holiday clubs). From the start of the Autumn Term 2013 83% (5/6 pupils) are making expected progress and working within age related expectations. 



We admit 18 pupils each academic year into our Reception Class. If you are interested in sending your child to our school please contact us at school and we would be delighted to arrange a visit and tour of the School. We currently have 124 pupils in School and have a place available in Year 3; please do not hesitate to inquire.

Website safety


Simonstone St. Peter's Primary School operates the following safety policy on our school website regarding the use of photographs, to ensure the privacy and safety of our pupils at school.

  • Where pupils are named, only their first name is given.
  • Where a pupil is named, no photograph of that pupil is displayed.
  • Where a photograph is used which shows a pupil/pupils, no name/s are displayed.

By observing these points, the school ensures that visitors to the web-site cannot link images of pupils to names of pupils. No other private information about pupils is ever published on the website such as surnames or contact details.

List of Staff


Mrs. S Smith - Headteacher

Mrs. C Smith -Assistant Headteacher, Year 5/6 Class Teacher

Mrs C Rossi - Year 3/4 Class Teacher

Miss D Hartley - Year 1/2 Class Teacher

Mrs. J Booth - Rec / Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs. R Overton - Part-time teacher


Mrs. C Dyer - Teaching Assistant - Class 1

Mrs. D Shaw - Teaching Assistant - Class 2

Mrs. J Wood - Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Class 3

Mrs. J Read - Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Class 4

Mrs. C Whitham - SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs. L Smith - SEN Support Assistant

Mrs. G Sutcliffe - SEN Support Assistant

Mrs. L Clarke- School Office Manager

Mr. S Marshall - Site Supervisor


Mrs. C Laurie - Midday Welfare Assistant

Mrs. J Dobson - Midday Welfare Assistant

Mrs. L Smith - Midday Welfare Assistant

Mrs. G Sutcliffe - Midday Welfare Assistant


Mr. J Garrett - Music Teacher (Employed through Lancashire Music Service -singing and percussion)


Mr P Freyne - Music Teacher (Employed through Lancashire Music Service - guitar)


Mrs. M - Galea Music Teacher (Employed through Lancashire Music Service - recorder)



Simonstone St Peter's School is a small village primary school situated on the outskirts of the village in the Ribble Valley. The school has two buildings, an old and a new situated on either side of a country lane.

The children were originally housed in what is now known as the Old School. The building is in fact the Village Church which was built prior to 1879 and served a double purpose for worship and education. All the children in the village were taught here and the Headteacher lived in the house attached to the Church. This has since been incorporated into the building as the Chancel.

When the 1944 Education Act came into force, older children from the age of 11 were transferred to St. Leonard's and later to Gawthorpe, which was to become the present Gawthorpe High School, or to one of the Clitheroe Grammar Schools. Simonstone St Peter's C. of E. Primary School is an Aided Church of England School for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 11. It is provided by the Church Trustees, governed by its Governing Body (a majority of whose members are appointed by the Church) and maintained by Lancashire County Council. It enjoys very close links with the Church and has a strong Christian ethos in its approach to education.

In May 1976 the new building was completed and the school moved in during the Summer Term. The Old School is still used for Physical Education, Music and school meals, where the children have either a hot meal or bring their own packed lunch. It is also used as a hall for curriculum activities in various subjects where space is required, concerts and activities organised by the school or by the Friends of Simonstone School for the purpose of fund-raising and community relations.

The new building houses the four classroom bases, resource areas and other linked administrative rooms. All the classrooms have been extended over recent years and a new entrance with library and group areas has been completed in February 2006

Each teacher negoiates class rules with their class which are appropriate to the age and maturity of the children. These are the more general school rules for your information.